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  • 7mm Gold Braid Bracelet - 14k spun gold braided cable bracelet. 7mm wide and 7in long, available in other widths and wrist sizes. Made in the USA!
    7mm Gold Braid BraceletPrice: $1,630.00
  • Nautical Ring - Sterling Silver ring with 14k gold anchors, scallops and starfish.
    Nautical RingPrice: $295.00
  • Starfish Pendant Gemstone - Sterling Silver shiny starfish pendant with sapphire.  Also available in emerald and ruby.  Chain sold separately.
    Starfish Pendant GemstonePrice: $100.00
  • Gold Scallop Hoops - 14k yellow gold scallop hoop earrings.  Also available in Sterling Silver, $68.
    Gold Scallop HoopsPrice: $615.00
  • Sapphire Wave Ring - 14k white gold graduated sapphire ring.  0.71cttw.
    Sapphire Wave RingPrice: $565.00
  • Large Sapphire Wave Pendant - Sterling Silver Large Sapphire Wave Pendant, measures 30mm across.
    Large Sapphire Wave PendantPrice: $495.00
  • Sapphire Wave Earrings - Sterling Silver Sapphire Wave Earrings.
    Sapphire Wave EarringsPrice: $325.00
  • Sapphire Wave Earrings - 14ky gold sapphire wave earrings.
    Sapphire Wave EarringsPrice: $835.00
  • Small Sapphire Wave Pendant - 14ky gold small sapphire wave pendant.  Measures 15mm across. Chain Sold separately.
    Small Sapphire Wave PendantPrice: $475.00
  • Small Sapphire Wave Pendant - Sterling Silver Small Sapphire Wave pendant.  Measures approximately 15mm across.  Chain sold separately.
    Small Sapphire Wave PendantPrice: $175.00
  • 14ky Sapphire Wave Pendant - 14ky 0.56cttw sapphire wave pendant, chain sold separately.
    14ky Sapphire Wave PendantPrice: $525.00
  • Starfish and Sapphire Pendant - Sterling Silver Pendant with 14ky gold Starfish and 3/4ct in blue sapphires.  Chain sold separately.  Pendant measures approx 3/4in across.
    Starfish and Sapphire PendantPrice: $425.00