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  • Med Compass w/Sapphires and Dias - 14k white and yellow medium Compass Rose with diamonds and sapphires.  Chain additional.
    Med Compass w/Sapphires and DiasPrice: $795.00
  • Medium Compass Rose w/Emerals ... - 14k white and yellow gold medium compass rose with emeralds and diamonds.  Chain Additional
    Medium Compass Rose w/Emerals ...Price: $765.00
  • Med Compass w/Emeralds - Sterling Silver and 14ky medium compass rose with 4 emeralds, one at each cardinal direction. Chain additional.
    Med Compass w/EmeraldsPrice: $335.00
  • Medium Compass with Sapphires - Sterling Silver and 14ky medium compass rose with 4 sapphires.  Chain additional.
    Medium Compass with SapphiresPrice: $375.00
  • 14ktt Med Compass w/Dias and R... - 14k white and yellow gold medium compass rose pendant with diamonds and rubies.  Chain additional.
    14ktt Med Compass w/Dias and R...Price: $750.00
  • Large Compass Rose with Gems - 14k gold large compass rose with diamonds and sapphires.  Measures approximately 1 inch across.
    Large Compass Rose with GemsPrice: $1,550.00
  • Compass rose drop earrings - Sterling Silver and 14k gold Compass rose drop earrings.  Also available in Studs.
    Compass rose drop earringsPrice: $252.00
  • Gold and Diamond Compass Rose - 14k gold medium compass rose pendant with 4 diamonds.  Measures approximately 5/8in across.  Chain sold separately.
    Gold and Diamond Compass RosePrice: $525.00
  • Compass Rose Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver Compass Rose Stud Earrings.  Also available with gold centers or all 14k gold.
    Compass Rose Stud EarringsPrice: $65.00
  • SS Compass Rose Drop Earrings - SS Compass Rose Shackle Drop Earrings.  Compass Rose measures less than 1/2in across and earrings drop a total of 1.5" long. Also available in 14k gold.
    SS Compass Rose Drop EarringsPrice: $86.00
  • SS Sailors Valentine Drop Earr... - SS Sailors Valentine Shackle Drop Earrings.  Valentine measures less than 1/2" wide and earrings drop about 1.5" total length.These are available as studs as well and also in 14k gold.
    SS Sailors Valentine Drop Earr...Price: $80.00
  • Medium Compass Rose pendant - Medium SS/14k Compass Rose Pendant. Measures just over 1/2in across.  Chain sold separately.  Pendant available in all gold & all silver as well.For a thousand years travelers have relied on a compass in hand and as an icon beautifully drawn on their maps, to guide them to their destination.  Wear this Compass Rose as a talisman to remind you that we are not just travelers but the navigators of our destiny.Made here in Massachusetts.
    Medium Compass Rose pendantPrice: $195.00